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 We provide clean and safe drinking water using advanced atmospheric water generation technology. We extract moisture from the atmosphere, the same air we breathe every day, producing #CLEANWATERFORALL.



Driving Social Impact in a global Water Crisis. Through AWG’s Innovative technologies the Moses West Foundation provides sustainable Clean Water solutions around the World


Through Research, Education, and Innovative sustainable Solutions we build capacity and empower communities to thrive Economically, Socially, and Environmentally into the 21st Century.


Our tour of duty is our proof of impact. Wherever there is a water crisis, AWG’s Moses West Foundation is present. At AWG we understand that water is a pillar for life and community development.
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Moses West Foundation™, is driven by a single goal; to provide drinking water to people in need.

The Moses West Foundation is committed to advocating for social, environmental, and Economic justice of a basic human right: Water. WE will place this innovative and sustainable technology into the hands of communities and connect organizations that will do the most good in advancing self-reliance. Our focus includes a vision to educate every level of society in the practice of sustainability for their communities in the face of current and future water, food and energy challenges.

The Moses West Foundation

This technology ensures that the recipients will continue to have the ability to produce safe and clean drinking water at the point where it is needed long after the emergency is over and to be prepared if they are faced with another crisis. This is a lasting gift to the people who need clean drinking water the most.

Make a difference in the lives of the people who need more than a single donation for a few bottles of water and a one day supply of food. This technology allows us to provides water continuously.

AWG / Moses West Tour of Duty

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Jennifer Lee

December 9, 2017

February 6, 2018

February 26 2019

Device could bring fresh water anywhere in the world


Moses West invented an atmospheric water generator that pulls moisture from the air, condenses it and turns it from gas to liquid. STORY:

August 13 2019

September 17 2019

CNN Bahamas Moses West

Homemade machine could provide clean water to Bahamas

A man built a homemade machine to bring endless water to the Bahamas. You already know the science

Homemade machine could provide clean water to Bahamas 00:54

(CNN)He designed a machine that makes water from the air. Now, after Hurricane Dorian, he’s trying to bring it to the Bahamas.

Moses West, of San Antonio, Texas, has brought water to Flint, Michigan, and Puerto Rico — all through his Atmospheric Water Generation machines, which extract moisture from the atmosphere and turn it into water.
The science behind it is similar to what many learned in elementary school. It’s really just condensation — the same thing that creates moisture when you breathe on a window, for example. It’s just done on a much, much larger scale.

September 18 2019

March 22, 2019

May 21, 2018

Texas Nonprofit Brings Water Technology To Disaster Area

Texas Nonprofit Brings Water Technology To Disaster Area

People line up at AWG Contracting’s machine that pumps out up to 2000 gallons of water a day.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency spent $361 million on bottled water in Puerto Rico by the end of January, after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island in September. “Water is the one thing you need when you have a disaster,” said Moses West, founder of AWG Contracting, a company that generates water. “We’re always flying it in. It’s always so expensive to move water.”

For more than three months, West has been creating clean water and giving it away on Vieques, the island city eight miles off Puerto Rico. He came to Vieques because he heard, after the storm, the island’s water system became contaminated from leaching due to its aging infrastructure and heavy rain. The island city’s 7,800 residents often have to find other water sources.

Standing next to what was the only hospital on the island, West bent over a control panel and turns an ignitions switch. “Here we go,” he says, firing up his atmospheric water generator. “Like a computer, it has to boot up.”


JUNE 30, 2018

Squeezing water from the air for Puerto Rico

Squeezing water from the air for Puerto Rico

Atmospheric water generator cools humid air until the water transforms from a gas to a liquid, a.k.a. ‘condensation’

Moses West, a retired Army veteran, owns a company that specializes in building atmospheric water generators. The machines can make potable water by pulling and filtering moisture from humid air. He became interested in the technology after seeing it in use in Hawaii. Photo by Carmen Heredia Rodriguez/KHN

Retired Army veteran’s mysterious machine provides Puerto Rico islet with lifeline


Oct 10, 2019

Texas man invents a machine that creates clean drinking water from moisture in the atmosphere for Hurricane victims

Texas man invents a machine that creates clean drinking water from moisture in the atmosphere for Hurricane victims

Moses West, the brain behind the machine that extracts moisture from the atmosphere to make water, Photo: The Water Rescue Foundation/ Facebook

People who have constant supply to clean drinking water take the basic need for granted until they have it no more.

For people recovering from natural disasters like hurricanes, clean water is inaccessible for long periods of time, adding to the woes already experienced from the displacement and homelessness that follows such disasters.

This is where Moses West’s efforts to make clean drinking water accessible to people in need must be championed. The founder of Atmospheric Water Generator Contracting LLC has vested interest providing clean accessible water. West invented a machine that pulls moisture from the atmosphere and turns it into clean drinking water in 2015, Spectrum News reports.


Oct 23, 2019

Episode #7 Interview with Moses West Pure Water for Flint, MI

Episode #7 Interview with Moses West Pure Water for Flint, MI

View Here

March 5 2020

April 28 2020

November 5 2020

Moses West Creates Water Out of Thin Air. How the Atmospheric Water Machine Can Go to Ghana

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