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Moses West Foundation WaterGlobalCleanGreenCharityAideRescue

CharityAideRescueWaterGlobalCleanGreen Bringing clean water to those in need

Flint Water Rescue 5730 Flint Water Crisis.
Community Aide for Clean Water
gallons of clean water
Bahamas 1,723,921 Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief
Humanitarian Rapid Response
gallons of clean water
Hurricane Maria 1,426,021 Water Crisis in Puerto Rico
Rescuing the Water Crisis for all
gallons of clean water

Moses West Water Foundation

Dedicated to the true Water Rescue at a global level. Bringing Water to those in need driving social impact and real change about by enabling life.




Disaster Relief Response

Global Social Impact

Community Aide

Certified Clean Water

True Water Rescue

Sustainable & Self Reliant