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World’s most technologically advanced industrial atmospheric water generators

atmospheric water generation (AWG) technology can supplement current sources of water or replace depleted sources of water without trading fuel for water.

The energy efficiency of this atmospheric water generators and the technology, powered by electricity or other renewable energy sources

Key to the community vitals and economic viability of rapid response implementation

We have the ability to harness the power from waste fuel byproducts, greenhouse gasses such as methane, and convert them into drinking water with this technology.

We supply industrial atmospheric water generation systems to large-scale military, governmental, non-governmental, and business organizations around the world.


  • Atmospheric Water Generators produce water from the atmosphere in large quantities in regions with humidity as low as 20%.
  • The warmer and wetter the region, the higher the content of water vapor, and the greater the water production.
  • Water production facilities are constructed to meet the increasing demand for water. For example 30 AWG5000 units can produce over 20 million gallons of water a year based on environmental conditions.


  • AWG units water meets or exceeds the highest water quality standards of the World Health Organization and the EPA requirements.
  • A single AWG unit can produce up to 2,200 gallons / 8,400 liters of water a day with a footprint of 9 x 8 x 7 feet.


  • AWG’s are able to produce water with a lower energy consumption.
  • The energy efficiency of the AWG systems, powered by electricity or other renewable energy sources, is the key to the economic viability of this technology.
  • A key economic advantage of AWG units is they are able to provide “point specific water production” at the site where the water is required.


  • Industrial Atmospheric Water Generator reduces the environmental impact caused by the transportation of water from rapidly depleting freshwater sources by generating water near the point of consumption “point specific water production”.
  • AWG technology does not produce wastes or byproducts produced in the system.
  • No chemicals are used in the water generating process.





  • 550 liters a day (can produce more in certain environmental conditions)
  • kWh: 0.60 kWh/gallon (0.18 kWh/l)
  • Wide range of operating conditions: 5ºC-55ºC; 20%-99% RH.
  • Electric; 400/460 V, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz
  • Components NSF 61 certified.
  • Power Supply: Electrical Grid and/or Generator
  • Power control enclosure is NEMA type 4X
  • Efficient one-person setup
  • Easy transport and handling & Automatic switch on/off
  • Treatment system and complete water filtration.
  • Ultra violet protection & Internal pumping
  • extreme conditions and heavy-duty use; Specific to Military Use
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The AWG550 water quality meets and exceeds World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.
The AWG550 is the most advanced atmospheric water generator with low power consumption. Engineered to produce up to 550 liters / 145 gallons of clean water a day
UNLIMITED CLEAN WATER. AWG-550 (1) Technical Specifications.
  • Stackable construction with wheels and handles for transport and lifting of the unit
  • Outside operation
  • Fully tropicalized
  • Transport: 16 units in a 20ft ISO container; 32 units in a 40ft ISO container.
  • Window to view water production; allows for the visual inspection inside the unit.
  • Equipped with soft starter
  • Electric and electronic box refrigerated

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Weight 908 oz
Dimensions 144.2 × 124.5 × 114.5 in


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